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Home Renovation Ideas to Ignite Your Kids’ Imaginations

Bedroom Transformations!

Are you looking for ways to spark your children’s imaginations, too? Many parents are in the same boat, trying to find creative solutions for their kids’ bedrooms that will give them space to play and create. With the right remodeling ideas, your child’s special space can do just that! Here are four creative home renovation ideas that will have your children excited day or night:

1. Install Wallpapers

Removable Wallpaper is one of the most popular bedroom remodeling ideas that kids and parents can both appreciate. It can instantly transform your bedroom, injecting a unique personality and spark into the space. Present your kids with an array of wallpaper options to choose from to fit their unique tastes and style. Not only is this design solution a great way to get your kids involved, but it is also a savvy one. If they ever change their mind, they can easily replace the wallpaper with a new design.

2. Built-Ins Add Character

If you’re looking for something practical, built-ins are always a safe bet. Not only do they look amazing, but they can provide much-needed storage for your child’s belongings without taking away from the visual appeal of the room. Let your child determine where their favorite books, toys, and other keepsakes should go to truly reflect their own unique tastes.

3. Intricate Lighting Design

For the truly imaginative, several months old on, intricate lighting can make a huge impact while also providing a strong focal point. Incorporate star lights or pastel string lights around the room or consider using patterns or art motifs in your light design. You can also introduce a central lighting switch as well.

4. Custom Headboards

Bedroom redesigns don’t have to be limited to the wall and floor. With custom-painted headboards and fun bedding designs, you can create a truly unique look and feel. Let your child tap into their own creative side by letting them help you design the headboard.

If you’re looking to get creative with your child’s bedroom and have some fun in the process, these four-bedroom makeover ideas should help you get started. For assistance and inspiration, be sure to contact Round One Construction. You can easily book our quality home renovation offers in Aurora, IL by calling us at (630) 849-0146 today!

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