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Turn Your Home’s Bathroom Into a Boutique Hotel Escape With These 4 Ideas

From sleek design to luxurious materials, there’s something special about a boutique hotel bathroom. If you’ve ever wanted to replicate that feeling but think it would be too expensive, think again. With the right know-how, a simple at-home bathroom makeover can bring an unexpected luxury feel to any space. Below are four easy ideas from your trusted home improvement service provider to get you started.

Introduce Vibrant Tiles

Tiles are the building block of a hotel vibe and can transform any shower or bathtub space into a modern oasis. Choose a timeless metro tile or marble faux finish to bring in a sense of luxury. If you’re looking to make a bigger statement, there are dozens of colors and patterns to choose from – mix it up with herringbone, chevron, and the ever-popular diamond pattern. Don’t forget the grout – pick a light or dark finish to emphasize the pattern and enhance the overall effect.

Bring in Heated Towel Rails

Having fresh, warm towels within arm’s reach is a must-have for a luxury bathroom. Look for a low-cost solution that could be installed with your local electrician. Once you experience the comfort levels of a heated towel rail, you’ll never want to go back to the “old way”. Drape your towels over them for a relaxing spa experience.

Make the Most of Your Storage

If you’re remodeling your bathroom you may find that storage needs a rethink. Basket drawers are a great way to take advantage of the height that you have in your cupboards. That way, products like makeup and styling tools can all be neatly tucked away without compromising on vanity shelf space.

Light it Up

Light fixtures should be a major focus when it comes to your bathroom remodel. Pendant lights are an attractive option that will make a statement and provide the right level of illumination. If you want to make sure that it’s adding to the hotel effect, go for a light that brings a warm glow and adds ambiance to the entire area.

For those seeking inspiration, look no further than Round One Construction for the best quality and designs in bathroom fixtures. Whether you’re looking for a modern update or creating a boutique retreat in your own home, low-cost bathroom makeovers are now achievable in Aurora, IL with our help. For a quality home improvement service, feel free to call (630) 849-0146.

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