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How to Transform Your Bathroom for the Whole Family

Remodeling a bathroom can become a complicated juggling act – especially when it needs to cater to both the elderly and little kids. However, it doesn’t have to be a taxing undertaking. With a few simple modifications during a bathroom remodeling service like the ones outlined below, you can create an accessible and safe space that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

Non-Slip Flooring

Safety is paramount when it comes to elderly or little kids, so you’ll want to make sure you prioritize non-slip flooring in the remodeling process. Opt for a tile material that comes with grip-enhancing features, or install a footing that’ll offer further traction.

Sitting Platforms

Creating a sitting platform near the toilet area can be incredibly beneficial for both the elderly and potty training. For elderly folks, it can provide a secure and steady place to rest, as well as a handy space for storing items like toilet paper without bending down painfully. For kids, it can be used as a seat to help simplify the transition from diapers to potty.

Installing Rails

Sturdily fitted rails provide another area to help with stability for both elderly and potty-training family members. Rails should be installed near both the restroom door and the bathtub for easy access should more support be required during movement. There is also the benefit to have a rail directly near the toilet, as it’ll serve as a handgrip and easy-to-access point.

Bathroom Stool

A handy bathroom tool that can be helpful in both elderly and potty training situations is a stool. It can provide elderly members with a comfortable surface to rest their feet on, as well as easy access without the need of bending over. In the case of kids being potty-trained, the stool can be used to allow them to sit comfortably a safe distance from the surface of the toilet.

If you’re looking for a hassle-free way to remodel a bathroom that caters to both the elderly and kids, Round One Construction can provide professional advice and support. Get in touch with us by calling (630) 849-0146 to discuss the bathroom remodeling service in Aurora, IL today.

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